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We realize that giving back to the community in the current economy is more important than ever. That's why every contract that we engage in will have a charity component attached as a deliverable. Our donation to the local community will be under the direction of the client – either to the local public school system or to local community service organizations. For schools, these contributions will typically be in the form of a gift to the school system for the purpose of promoting STEM programs (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). Gifts that are directed to local community service groups will go to helping those members of the community who could use a little more assistance.

Giving back

About the clayhouse group

We have put together a broad team of Project and Program Managers, Contract Specialists, Financial Analysts, and Engineers covering many different industries and disciplines. This allows us to respond to your current needs, and help you determine what those needs may be as you move forward. Our business model isn’t predicated on bidding on work that you are looking to complete. Instead, we will work with you to create a pipeline of directed work and financing structures so that your planning process can be simplified.