We at the ClayHouse Group research best-in-class ideas for achieving lasting social and economic changes that impact lives, and utilize a forum model to develop shared strategies for identifying and solving issues.  The goal of this forum is create an opportunity for thoughtful discussion, shared deliberation, and effective action to make an ongoing and lasting difference in our communities.  By bringing together different groups with the collective mission of addressing issues in our communities, we are able to discuss and tackle topics weighing on our fellow citizens.

​The ClayHouse Group is a Foundational partner in this forum to take the lead in identifying policy partners and topics.  Through this forum, policy information and solutions will be discussed and shared.  Below is  a chart identifying the initial policy topics to be discussed.

Because we always start with Why we're doing our work, we remain grounded by our fundamental principles - our Vision.  Because we use those principles to understand how to address the issues of our communities, we will never stray from our core set of capabilities - our Mission.  And if we remember our Why and embrace our How, What we do will always lead towards outcomes in solving the pressing problems in our communities

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