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frequently asked questions

Below are some questions that we typically receive from prospective municipalities about our services. We hope that the responses shed some additional light on what The ClayHouse Group offers; however, we look forward to speak with you in person so that we might tailor the conversation to your own specific needs. For answers to other typical questions or for more information, please see our Contact Us page to speak with us directly. Thank you.

How does The ClayHouse Group fund projects?

Basically, we provide 100% of the total funds to the government for approved project(s). Our concept allows us to support and provide the financing to the local or national governments wishing to successfully accomplish a project. The ClayHouse Group and our affiliates have special purpose investment entities that are used to develop projects. We work with partners who seek long-term predictable cash flows with limited downside risk of principle loss in alignment with our objectives. We believe that our unique model offers important advantages compared to conventional bond structures and debt or equity financing.

Are you a bank?  Do you lend money?

We are not a lender or investment bank, and we do not provide loans or other forms of debt financing. The ClayHouse Group and our team of partners combine to provide infrastructure services, real estate investments, and development services for qualified projects. We develop and finance approved projects by bridging the gap between the public authorities’ financing requirements and their need to deliver long-term infrastructure assets and services. We finance the approved projects, and own the outcome of the project for a pre-determined period of time.  The municipality and its residents have complete use of the new services (e.g., stadium, residential complex, waste management plant, etc.), and will regain full ownership of the project at the end of the period of time. We are able to recoup our investment, and the municipality gets the benefits of the services that it provides.

How do you decide which projects you’ll fund?

We review all aspects of every preliminary project and budget, including the cost, resources, equipment, travel, materials and supplies to ensure the budget estimates are accurate and complete. Ultimately, we evaluate the returns that the project will provide – e.g., Return on Investment (ROI) and Internal Rate of Return (IRR). We then determine the financing and acquisition strategies that would be best suited for the proposed project.

Who is a typical customer?

Our customers are municipalities at the local (e.g., city, county, etc.), state, and national levels. They are municipal organizations that want to undertake projects for the benefit of their residents, but don't have the current capital or projected revenue to achieve their goals. They are governments that may have fallen on hard financial times, and need some assistance getting back into the black. They may be state-run organizations (e.g., state colleges/universities, etc.) that are interested in partnering with a private company to support their expansion. And they may be municipalities that want to undertake new projects outside their comfort zone, but don't know how to get started. Municipalities can hire expensive consultants and undergoing years of lengthy analyses, or they can contract with The ClayHouse Group. Our team can provide one-stop services that turn every solution into a turn-key resolution.

How do we get started?  what are the next steps?

Please give us a call or fill out the form on the Contact Us page, and one of our Principals will contact you to get started.  We will send you a form to learn more about your pending capital projects, and begin the process of reviewing them.  We will also send a complete package of information on our full process, including white papers examining the types of projects we support.  Call us today to learn more and get started.