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partners and Affiliations

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One tree by itself stands alone, but add another and you have the start of a mighty forest.  The ClayHouse Group has a number of partners, affiliations, and memberships that allow us to offer outstanding solutions and services.  Our strength lies in our ability to turn every solution into a turn-key resolution for our clients through our strategy of addressing both the vertical and horizontal aspects of every project.  Our partners include policy firms who develop creative and innovative ideas to tackle the challenges municipalities face today, and development firms to bring those ideas to life.  Together, we are able to provide our clients with SMART goals for the deployment, an effective transfer of risks for the deployment and operations of the project, and Service Level Agreements that provide transparency throughout the concession period. Along with our partners, The ClayHouse Group is able to meet your needs and exceed expectations.

To Become a Partner

Please reach out to one of our team members to become a partner on the ClayHouse Group team, and we will discuss opportunities to make a difference together.