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Our team takes a holistic approach when we review the needs of a municipality, and we pull together leading organizations from a number of different sectors. These include general infrastructure, oil and gas (downstream, upstream and midstream), renewable energies (solar, wind, etc.), waste management and recycling, transportation, telecommunications, port development and modernization (air, sea, etc.), mining, and other specific industries.

Our team will work with your municipality to identify those projects that will have the greatest impact to the community and your residents. Our wide portfolio of project capabilities allows us to effectively address your needs, and build a lasting partnership for the benefit of your citizens and community.

Please click on the links to the right to learn more about some of our capabilities, or contact one of our team members to learn more about how The ClayHouse Group can address your unique set of needs. 

We also know that not every project fits neatly into a cookie-cutter model.  We are not a team churning out the same projects over and over.  Each project is just as unique as the municipality who initiates it, and our approach embraces that diversity of vision.  Please
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